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Nutrolin Kitten & Adult

Nutrolin Kitten & Adult

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Nutrolin® Kitten & Adult

Healthy on the inside, beautiful on the outside.  A unique fatty acid and antioxidant supplement for kittens and adult cats up to 7 years of age.

  • Ensures that your cat gets all the essential fatty acids it needs for healthy life
  • Added arachidonic acid – an essential fatty acid for young and middle-aged cats
  • The daily amount (2.5ml) contains as much arachidonic acid and Omega-3 DHA as 100 – 125g of fresh, oily fish and fresh meat
  • Ensures the best possible start in life for kittens
  • Especially suitable for indoor cats
  • Guarantees that your cat gets all the essential fatty acids it needs for a healthy life
  • Give to kittens from the time they start to eat solid food
  • Nourishes and protects your cat’s skin and improves coat quality
  • Nutrolin Kitten & Adult has a mild taste because the oil is made from fish oil used for children. Suitable even for picky cats!  Start with a drop and slowly increase the amount fed with the food.
  • Added vitamin E enhances the effectiveness of the omega-3s in the fish oil
  • Comes in a recycled aluminium flask to prevent oxidation.  Flask is fully recyclable.
  • Refrigerate once opened

What does Nutrolin Kitten & Adult contain?

A unique blend of fatty acids and natural antioxidants

Oil blend

Nutrient content


· Pharmaceutical-grade fish oil

· Sunflower oil

· Arachidonic oil (ARA)

· Fatty acids essential for cats

· Omega-3 DHA (130mg/ml)

· Arachidonic acid (20mg/ml)

· Linoleic acid (250mg/ml)

· Natural vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol) 2.5mg/ml

· Stabilized with rosemary and tocopherol extracts in plant oil

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