Welcome to the Complete Pet Company

The home of Hugo & Celine, Nutrolin and Gunni’s – unique, nutritious and beneficial products for dogs, cats and horses.

Pure Icelandic fish treats from Gunni’s for dogs and cats – only from the sustainable, managed fisheries in the crystal waters of Iceland. Gunni’s exclusively uses identified, traceable fish that is caught and dried within 24 hours of landing. Dried using only geothermal, sustainable energy for the conscientious and discerning customer.

Unique, patented omega oil supplements for dogs, cats and horses from Nutrolin of Finland.  “No nonsense, just science” – these are pharmaceutical grade oils for exceptional metabolism and to deliver the ideal omega fatty acids for the relevant purpose. Take a look at this wide range of omega supplements whether for pregnant cats or dogs, developing youngsters, adults with skin or joint problems or for seniors. 

Pure meat treats and training rewards – for everyday or to help manage allergies using novel proteins.  Choose from our very own Complete Pet range or from the new Hugo & Celine range of meat treats from
Sweden – delicious and completely free of any preservatives.  Novel proteins such as moose, wild boar, rabbit, pheasant or venison to help treat your dog when managing any allergies.

The Complete Pet Company - for fish treats, omega oil supplements and meat treats. Take a look, we have something for everyone!