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Discover Unique, Nutritious Pet Care Solutions

At The Complete Pet Company, we pride ourselves on being the exclusive home of Hugo & Celine, Nutrolin, and Gunni’s. Our commitment is to provide a unique and inspiring range of thoughtfully crafted high quality products for dogs, cats, and horses, designed to improve their well being and cater to specific health needs.

Gunni’s: Pure Icelandic Sustainable Fish Treats For Dogs & Cats

Explore the pristine purity of Gunnis' Icelandic fish treats, sourced exclusively from sustainable, managed fisheries. These fish treats for dogs and cats are made with identified traceable fish, caught and dried using geothermal, sustainable energy. Packed with nutrients, they’re ideal for the conscientious pet owner.

Nutrolin: Patented Omega Oil Supplements For Dogs, Cats & Horses

Delve into the world of Nutrolin's patented omega oil supplements from Finland. "No nonsense, just science" – these pharmaceutical grade oils are tailored for pets at every life stage, from pregnant cats or dogs, developing youngsters to seniors with skin or joint issues. Enhance your pet's metabolism and overall health with our range.

Hugo & Celine and Our Own Complete Pet Company Natural Dog Treats

Choose from our delightful range of pure meat treats and training rewards. Whether it's our own Complete Pet range or the innovative Hugo & Celine collection from Sweden, we offer novel proteins like moose, wild boar, rabbit, pheasant, and venison. Perfect for managing allergies or simply treating your dog.

Your Trusted Source for Premium Pet Care

The Complete Pet Company is not just a brand; it's a promise of quality and care. From fish treats and omega oil supplements to meat treats, we have something special for every pet. Explore our range and join us in our mission to provide the best for your beloved companions.