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Gunnis Mini Morsel Cat Treats, 42.5g

Gunnis Mini Morsel Cat Treats, 42.5g

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Indulge Your Cat With Gunni’s Mini Morsel Cat Treats. Icelandic Healthy, Natural, Fish Treats For Cats, 42.5g

Gunni’s Mini Morsels are a range of nutritious, delicious cat treats crafted from the purest Icelandic fish. Whether it's Cod, Wolffish, or Salmon, each Mini Morsel is a bite of health and happiness for your cat.

🐟 Perfectly Sized for Cats - Each Mini Morsel is approximately 1cm x 1cm, and packed with 100% pure Icelandic fish, offering your cat a satisfying, healthy and nutritious treat
🐟 Diverse Flavours, One Health Promise - Choose from Cod, Wolffish, or Salmon. Each flavour offers unique benefits, from supporting dental health to enhancing coat shine
🐟 High Quality Protein Source - Specifically made for cats, our cat treats are made from premium Icelandic fish, providing a rich protein boost for muscle health and vitality
🐟 All-Natural, Hypoallergenic Goodness - Perfect for cats with dietary sensitivities, our treats are grain-free, with no additives or fillers
🐟 Sustainably Sourced Pure Icelandic Fish - We’re committed to the environment. All our pet treats are Certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and Icelandic Responsible Fisheries
🐟 Traceability & Freshness – Product traceability from Catch to Pack, processed using renewable geothermal energy
🐟 Suitable For All Cats - Whether a playful kitten or a graceful senior, these natural cat treats are ideal for all breeds and life stages

Discover more about Gunni’s Mini Morsels Healthy Cat Treats:

Nutrient Rich, Healthy Cat Treats
Gunni’s Mini Morsels are filled with high-quality protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and essential nutrients that promote overall health and well being.

Natural Dental Health and Shiny Coat
Regular nibbling on these Icelandic dried fish treats for cats promotes dental hygiene and a shiny, healthy coat, making them a wholesome choice for your feline friend.

Single Ingredient, High Protein Treat
Pure Icelandic Fish Mini Morsels are rich in protein, highly palatable and easy to digest. Each treat variety has a unique nutritional profile and is approximately 1cm x 1cm in size.

Eco-Conscious and Sustainable
Gunni’s is committed to sustainably producing cat treats using renewable geothermal energy. Certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and following the Icelandic Responsible Fisheries guidelines ensures responsible, eco-friendly practices that respect fish species, fish stocks and the environment.

Premium Nutrition Values For Your Cat
Specialized processing retains the highest nutrition values, including protein, vitamins and essential minerals for your pet.

Hypoallergenic Cat Treats
Gunni’s Mini Morsels, natural cat treats, are hypoallergenic, grain free and free from additives or fillers. Using 100% pure fish makes them ideal for cats with allergies and sensitive tummies.

For Every Cat, Every Day
Gunni’s Mini Morsels are a nutritious cat treat suitable for all cat sizes, shapes and breeds. These natural cat treats are ideal for daily feeding, ensuring a joyful and healthy pet.

Mini Morsels natural cat treats are packed with nutritious goodness that contributes to your cat’s all round health. Our treats meet high protein and fat content standards, with minimal moisture for optimal nutrition.

Every pack of Gunni's cat treats you buy shows your commitment to a brand dedicated to quality, sustainability and our planet.

Calorie content varies per flavour, ensuring an appropriate treat for your cat's dietary needs. Gunnis Mini Morsels treats for cats come in a convenient 42.5g pack. 

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